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Our team is made up of professionals who understand the impact of hair loss. Our state-of-the art clinic is staffed by a highly trained medical team who understand and can help you with your individual hair loss concerns, regardless of your situation.

Hair Loss Experts

Hair transplantation began in the 50s and has since become a highly perfected solution for permanent hair. Advances in technology and medicine mean your hair growth is virtually undetectable and produces a perfectly natural result.

Hair loss, in its most common form, is known as pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, which results in hair loss on top of the head. It is considered a degenerative, progressive problem. Hair transplants to the scalp are a widely used hair restoration procedure.

Our clinic’s medical team possesses experience and a strong history. In fact, we’ve assisted thousands of clients who have suffered with hair loss problems for over 25 years. We also favour a multi-unit transplant approach to our procedures, which uses more hair per procedure and maximizes results and investment.

Tammie L Holt

CEO, Hair Restoration Specialist 

Dr. Robert Wadden

Dr. Robert Wadden

Dr. Wadden received his medical degree in 1991 from Dalhousie University Medical School. He embarked on his hair transplantation career in 1996. To date, he has performed over 2100 hair transplant procedures. Hair transplantation demands extensive medical knowledge, attention to detail, and a true artistic flair. Dr. Wadden has acquired all of these skills through his close to 20 years’ experience in the field. In March of 2009, Dr. Wadden achieved diplomat status with the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He is also a member or the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Recognized by his peers and respected by his clients, it is a privilege to have Dr. Wadden on our team.

Donna Doucette

Donna Doucette

Donna developed her exceptional hair transplant technical skills working for clinics in Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto. With close to 25 years of experience, she is regarded by her peers as one of the most experienced technicians in Canada. She presents a genuine, warm and caring demeanor to both colleagues and patients and keeps current with the latest developments in all aspects of the hair restoration industry. She takes enormous satisfaction with helping our patients restore not only their hair, but their confidence.

Jocelyn Bajao

Jocelyn Bajao

Jocelyn hails from the Philippines and moved to Halifax 16 years ago to find her calling as a hair transplant technician. Her colleagues agree that she is a natural in her field. She has a unique skillset and has worked in hair restoration clinics in Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax and St. John’s.

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Hair Loss Experts provides services to all four provinces that make up Atlantic Canada. For a private, in-home consultation, whether you’re located in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, it’ll be our pleasure to come to you.

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